my friend got arrested DRIVING W/ LIC INV W/ PREV CONV/SUSP/W/O FIN RES what was he arrested for ?

Answer 1

My translation (no promises as to validity)

Driving with license invalid; license suspended due to a previous conviction of driving without insurance (FINancial RESponsibility).

As I said, this could be completely wrong … but it fits the wording of the violation.

Answer 2

He was arrested for driving on invalid, suspended, disqualified driver’s license.

Whatever your STATE calls it, it is under FRAUD and CONSPIRACY.

Your STATE license issuing agency is required by law to follow Title 49 CFR, Part 383 as published in the Federal Register. They can only regulate common carriers involved in commercial activities.

Was your friend operating a commercial vehicle.

There is no enforceable statute requiring you to obtain, have, or hold a driver’s license for recreational vehicle travel. There must a STATE code that follows Title 49 CFR, Part 383, there you will find your statutory remedy, exemption for recreational, non-commercial, or non-common carriers.

Answer 3

all those thing I just said and don t know what they all mean

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