My dog has this digestive problem…?

My dog looks a lot like a pugoole. (half pug half beagle). He burps a lot, and burps up part of his past meals, only to swallow it again. And sometimes when you hold him a certain way, his “rear end” leaks and we have a small, smelly mess to clean up. We’ve changed his food a few times, but haven’t found something that changes this. He goes to the bathroom regularly. Any ideas?

Answer 1

The burping sounds like a gas problem to me. Simethicone is used to relieve gas. In the stomach aids area of the grocery store or drug store, look for medicines that relieve gas; they will contain the needed simethicone. Or, I like Mylicon Drops (for babies, found in the baby area) because it is easy to give to the dog. Of course, Mylicon Drops contain simethicone, too.
About the “rear end leaks.” This could be ąղąӀ sac fluid leaking. There are ąղąӀ glands that produce smelly brownish fluid that is stored in the ąղąӀ sacs. These are normally expressed when the dog ᗪEᖴEᑕᗩTEs. Sometimes things don’t go as they should, and so requires a veterinarian, or somebody else who knows how, to “express” the ąղąӀ sacs. That is, to squeeze out the ąղąӀ sac fluid.

Answer 2

How old is the dog? Changing a dogs diet may be the cause. Find a food the dog likes and stick to it…preferably a good quality food. How much are you feeding the dog? If he is overeating this may be an expected result.

Answer 3

Sounds like he may have mild food poisoning. Clean his food and water bowls daily, and try a different and better quality dog food. If that does not help, then take him to your vet for assistance.

Answer 4

Sounds like a trip to the vet to me. He might have a digestive infection. The leaking part would make me be willing to pay for that vet trip!

Answer 5

any type of chewie could reason digestive blockage no longer in basic terms greenies. Any time your canines is chewing on some thing you need to be monitoring him. via fact that she has exceeded via a blockage interior the previous i might quite shop an extensive eye on her for any variations in habit. uncertain if an x-ray now might do any solid via fact it ought to nevertheless be in her abdomen and you will not understand if it passing via or no longer till it gets to the decrease intestines.

Answer 6

i know you don’t want to her this but I’m afraid its time for the vet

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