Molecular geometry: question?

There are three ball-&-stick structures for AF4 shown.:

Answer 1

shape (i) is square planar (octahederal with 2 lone pair)

shape (ii) is tetrahederal with no lone pairs

shape (iii) is t-shaped (Trigonal Bipyramidal with 2 lone pair)


answer for question -2 is wrong

BeF4 is not possible
CF4 is tetrahederal
SF4 is see saw
and SeF4 is also see saw

see this video why SF4 is see saw…

and Se is in same group with S (group-16) so both SF4 and SeF4 will have same structure

Answer 2

Well, the electrons aren’t actually sitting there subsequent to each other. They are in consistent motion. The idea of paired electrons is for bonding. There can, however, be a single electron. Take nitrogen, for instance. It has 5 valence electrons, so two sides would have pairs, and one part would have an electron by using itself. Shall we embrace we wanted to bond this with Fluorine. F has 7 valence electrons, so it additionally has a lone electron on one aspect, so this would be the web site that the lone nitrogen electron would bond, making a bond with 2 electrons. Once more, keep in intellect that electrons are constantly moving at just about the pace of light. They’re in no way simply sitting next to each other, that is just a strategy to without difficulty visualize how bonding works. Hope this helped, i am nonetheless finding out Chemistry.

Answer 3

Good question, I was wondering the same thing myself

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