Looking for a nice (not trashy) strip club in the Monterey / Carmel Area…?

Need some fun entertainment.

Answer 1

The only strip clubs would be down the street from Monterey and Carmel in the city of Seaside. I was stationed there at Fort. Ord from 1985-1987 and i think there might be just one there. There was a meat-market club in Seaside called the Brickhouse. That club was filled with ᏂᏫᖇᏁᎩ Army and civilian cнιcκs as well as dope dealers. Ther is one club in downtown Monterey, forgot teh name, but it had male strippers everyweek or so, and then the ᏂᏫᖇᏁᎩ local cнιcκs would stay for the disco/dance party afterward. So it was full of cнιcκs from as far away as Oakland and guys from the Army base and seaside etc..Defense Language Institute. Pacific Grove which is just outside the back gate of the language school had a place called “Soaks,” this place was a hot-tub house, basically instead of a Juicy-Bar with 8 karaoke rooms, this place had about 8 hot-tub rooms. Each room was private and could accomodate 3 ᏂᏫᖇᏁᎩ guys and three ᏂᏫᖇᏁᎩ cнιcκs from the defense language institute. You could bring your own alcohol, get drunk in your birthdays suit with the cнιcκs and do the parallel body momba, you know w hat I mean? And there is something about a private hottub room that gets cнιcκs to open their legs real quick like….anyway, thats the 411. Of course San Jose with a lot of asian cнιcκs is right up the road, probably more liberal when it comes to strip joints.

Answer 2

Monterey Strip Club

Answer 3

There are no strip clubs, at least no legal ones in Monterey County. So if you are looking for nice not trashy one you might have to have a stripper come to you.

Answer 4

So you want somewhere where girls take off their clothes and give strangers lap dances for money… but you want it to be classy and respectable, maybe even something you can the family to?


Answer 5

What’s the difference?

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