locations of sf bay area glory holes?

does anybody know of any ԍʟoʀʏнoʟᴇs that are in the bay area? can anygirl be on the other side or is there just one girl there.is there any possibility that there could be…idk… like a guy insteaaad of a girl?

Answer 1

They no longer exist, and haven’t for decades.

Answer 2

there is often a museum like the Rosicrucian or San Jose Museum of artwork that make for an thrilling first date in case you the two like artwork. Bowling or taking pictures pool must be informal and relaxing besides. while you’re the two youngsters at coronary heart and the components is sturdy, you ought to even attempt happy hollow Zoo. There are dozens of issues to do interior the Bay area in case you get out of the common date physique of suggestions. : )

Answer 3

its always a guy on the other side, its never a girl

and contrary to what the other person said. They do exist…try Power Exchange or some other adult club near the Castro

Answer 4

You can also try some of the clubs in North Beach.

Answer 5

Dude, just get a hooker.

At least you’ll know what he/she looks like!

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