is there such thing as the virts- a virtual family you create and the computer plays out their lives?

In 1 of the malcolm in the middle episodes called Hal coaches, malcolm plays on a computer game called the verts. Is there such thing? A family you create, put them in different situations and the computer plays out their lives? If yes, where can I find this program? Is there a website telling you all about them, and its not those green things its a family of people

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yer i searched 4 the game in google and nothin came up and everyone who’s saying it’s the sims it’s not it’s compeltly diffrent u wirte wat u want the 2 do and they showed the game on the malcom in the middle and it is played and looks competely difffrent from the sims

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The Virts is an obvious parody of The Sims. What’s wrong with you people?

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Where have you been for the last 5 years?? This game is called the Sims (they probably not allowed to use the real game on tv for copyright reasons) It was a best seller for a long time, I didn’t think there was anyone left on the planet that hadn’t heard of it. Weird.

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There is a game that almost matches your description; Do you know ‘The sims’? You can get it for computers, xbox, playstation, gameboy, Ect, from most game stores.
You create people, or a family, move them into a house, and make them do things. Perhaps you should google them?

Source(s): My Computer games =)

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dnt think the virts is an actual thing – but u’ve gotta check out the sims – If your gonna buy a game get Sims 2 its better than the original

Source(s): playin many hours on the Sims (2)

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The is a game called “SIM LIFE” for PC but I am not sure if it is still sold.

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the nearest thing to it is the sims, top game, very addictive

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its sounds a bit like the sims, maybe its just an american version…you should google it and see what comes up

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Isnt that called Sims lol

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