is there anything faster than the speed of light??

is there anything faster than the speed of light?? i understand the speed of light anything can travel but can there be extreme speeds to where the light particles disintegrate for going to fast? maybe time travel or zero time.. warp hole maybe?? i know this universe has something hidden that we havent discovered! what you guys think

Answer 1

If Einstein was right, and E = MC^2

Then nothing can travel faster than light… because that would mean to complete the equation, you would have to have the square root of a negative number… mathematics call these “imaginary” or “complex” numbers, but to travel at such a speed would prove GR wrong.

Answer 2

Thought travels faster than light.

Answer 3

Science doesn’t rule out faster than light travel.It rules out acceleration from sub light speed to light speed.Nothing rules out particles that begin by traveling FTL.One such hypothetical particle is called a tachyon.

Also,quantum entanglement is observed,but not explained.The phenomena seems to show there is a “level’ of the universe where time and space are illusion,and instantaneous communication between particles is observed fact,although we don’t know how this is achieved.Google them.Have fun.Wild stuff

Answer 4

No, There is one answer that is called Tachyon. The Tachyon is a hypothetical purposal that purposes a particle that is faster than the speed of light. The Tachyon is made up of bradyon and luxon.(These two exist in this world)

Answer 5

sure. Many things can travel faster than the speed of light and when they do they give off Cherenkov radiation.

look it up.

Now, that being said… NOTHING travels faster than the speed of light IN A VACUUM.


You see, light travels slower in denser mediums, e.g. air, glass, Mountain Dew… so, its posible to punch into these media with a particle traveling at near the speed of light (in a vacuum) and exceed the speed that light could go in that medium.

Answer 6

Physicists have postulated particles (tachyons) that ONLY travel faster than light. In the reverse of normal matter (or antimatter for that, uh, matter), as tachyons slow down to the speed of light their mass increases, and would become infinite at light speed.

Also, rotating beams of light that illuminate distant objects can appear to move at superluminal (>light) speed. Think of a very bright laser shining at the moon. If the beam rotated (hence, moved the light beam) at a speed such that the beam crossed the entire diameter of the moon in less than 1/93rd of a second (approximately) the illuminated spot on the moon would appear to us to cross the moon’s face at greater than light speed. Whether or not a reflected beam of light is “something” I’ll leave to you.

Answer 7

No. How many times have people said here that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light? Does it really need to be said again?

Answer 8

Actually some physicists have hypothesised the existence of “tachyons” will travel faster than the speed of light, but this is just speculation

Answer 9

The speed of light is the absolute speed limit in the universe.

Answer 10

According to Uncle Einstein, nothing can travel faster than light. But if somehow, it does, then it will be changed into energy.

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