Is There An Actual Website Called “Charlie Harper Sucks”?

If there is please tell it to me.

Answer 1

There used to be actual websites at both:

But both of those URL’s are now redirected to:

I haven’t had a chance to see if there is a link to the original website somewhere in there, but I suspect not.

There’s a picture of the website here:…

Video clip from the episode “Last Chance to See Those Tattoos” (December 13, 2004) here:

You can find archived views of the website here:

by entering charlieharperꜱᴜcκ in the “Take Me Back” search box.

Answer 2

Charlie Harper Sucks

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Answer 4

Yes, there was. It’s called http://charlieharperꜱᴜcκ . It no longer works though, as it leads to now. There are preview and pictures going around from the website, like at this address: charlie-harper-ꜱᴜcκs (no space). I was wondering the same thing a while ago, but turned out it was deleted. I was watching the episode on TV. :]

Source(s): charlie-harper-ꜱᴜcκs (no space), http://www.charlieharperꜱᴜcκ , google, TV. I hope this helps!

Answer 5

Story line / plot line – Rose supposedly made an online website called “Charlie Harper Sucks” after Charlie first dumped her. I can’t remember when, but she finally got rid of the site. That was on the show only. I don’t know anything about an actual website. It was just make believe.

Answer 6

This Site Might Help You.

Is There An Actual Website Called “Charlie Harper Sucks”?
If there is please tell it to me.

Answer 7

Well, you’re obviously signed in already, so just click on “Ask” (upper left corner), and there will be a dialogue box for you to ask in. Then you’ll press ‘preview’, and finally ‘submit’. But you know that now…you just asked this one Be sure to categorize your question properly (you’ll see the place when you’re in ‘preview’), and you’re in business.

Answer 8

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Answer 9

You can see the website if you use this link

this is a place where you can find old site, you just have to introduce the link and review it.

Answer 10ꜱᴜcκs

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