Is Miley Cyrus average height for a 15 year old?

Hi, i’m just wondering if Miley Cyrus is average height for a 15 year old girl or is she is taller or shorter? She is 5″4 1/2…

Answer 1

i would have to say she might be a little short. But idk i am 13, and 5″5.. and they say i am a little above average. but idk. =]

Answer 2

Height Of Miley Cyrus

Answer 3

She is average at 5′ 4″ 1/2 for fifteen. Average at 15 is 5’5″.

I am much older than that and I have been 5’2″ since I was 15.

Answer 4

I don’t think that’s short for a 15 year old. She may grow an inch or two. I’m 5′ 4″ and 43 and I don’t think I’m that short.

Answer 5

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Answer 6

i think is normal im 16 and about the same heigth or just a litte more so no its not short

Answer 7

I’m 15 and I am 5’4″ which is normal according to my pediatrician.

Answer 8

no shes shorter than me so shes short. and im 15 too.and 5’5 1/2

jk i dont know…

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