Is Madagascar mountainous?

What is the altitude of Madagascar?

Madagascar is the fourth largest island and the 2nd largest island country in the world. The highest point is Maromokotro, in the Tsaratanana Massif region in the north of the island, at 2,876 metres (9,436 ft)….Geography of Madagascar.

Continent Africa
Exclusive economic zone 1,225,259 km2 (473,075 sq mi)

How many people live in remote areas in Madagascar?

Over 60 percent of Madagascar’s people live more than 5 kilometers from a health center, often in very remote and difficult to reach areas without roads or communications. Health personnel are unevenly distributed.

What kind of Natural Resources does Madagascar have?

Madagascar has a number of natural resources, including graphite, chromite, coal, bauxite, rare Earth elements, salt, quartz, tar sands, semi-precious stones and mica. There are also fishing areas offshore and potential for hydropower. In 2011, it was estimated that 5.96% of the land area was used for arable land and 1.02% had permanent crops.

How big is Madagascar compared to other countries?

It has a total area of 587,040 square kilometres (226,660 sq mi) with 581,540 square kilometres (224,530 sq mi) of land and 5,500 square kilometres (2,100 sq mi) of water. Madagascar is the fourth largest island and the 2nd largest island country in the world.

Where are the major mountain ranges in Madagascar?

The mountain ranges of Madagascar include Massif du Tsaratanana, Ankaratra and the Andringitra. The mountains of Madagascar run in a north-south direction through the central third of the island….

Is Madagascar mountainous?

Geography, Climate, and Biodiversity of Madagascar Madagascar is considered a part of southern Africa as it is located in the Indian Ocean east of Mozambique. It is a large island that has a narrow coastal plain with a high plateau and mountains in its center.

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