Is it ok to drink 1 beer before you go to work?

Im having a Corona right now and I dint have to be at work until 6:30. It is 3:15 right now and Im almost done with it. Drinking 1 beer 3 hours before you go to work is ok right? Just no more than that.

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Nope its perfectly fine. Remember only 1..not the whole six pack!!

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Drinking Beer Before Work

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Also 30. It should be perfectly fine. I wouldn’t do it personally because it can give me a headache, but if that’s not your problem, then go ahead. But three hours is more than enough time for beer to process. You’d smell worse three hours after eating a cheeseburger than drinking a beer, even Corona.

Answer 4

Depends on how alcohol effects u also. If ur an idiot and act stupid like teenagers then no don’t do it. But if u are like me n can drink and still b the same person Jus a little energized then go for it bro. Lol I have anxiety so hey **** it . Just drink and act responsibly thru out.

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you comprehend greater appropriate than that. you relatively shouldn’t drink alcohol till now going to college. Plus that could of beer could have that effect on you after awhile. attempt drink coffee or pepsi or crimson bull for potential.

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Sure…I do. I even drink a beer during lunch sometimes. Then again, I work for myself, so I won’t loose my job or get called to take any drug or alcohol tests.

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yea dude its fine as long as ya don get all tipsy on one beer .
in highschool i had six or seven on the way to school. made the school day go a lot better.

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1 is alright.Just don’t drink more than that. :] Wouldn’t want to be drunk
at work.

Answer 9

its fine

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I do it sometimes.

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