Is Congo in northern Africa?

Which part of Africa is Congo located?

Democratic Republic of the Congo/Continent

What’s the climate like in the Republic of Congo?

In the Republic of Congo, an African country crossed by the Equator, the climate is equatorial (hot and humid all year round, with no real dry season) in the north, and tropical (hot and humid, with a dry and cooler season in winter) in the center and south.

Where do the Mongo people live in Africa?

The Mongo people are a Bantu ethnic group who live in the equatorial forest of Central Africa. They are the second largest ethnic group in the Democratic Republic of Congo, highly influential in its north region.

Where is the Republic of the Congo located?

Congo or the Republic of the Congo is located in Central Africa in the Eastern Hemisphere of the Earth. With the Equator passing through the country, it has territories in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The four sovereign nations of Gabon, Cameroon, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo bound the country …

Where is the highest point in the Congo?

From the grasslands of the narrow coastal plain, the land rises into the rounded, low hills of the Bateka Plateau, and the elevated, mountainous regions along its western border with Gabon. Marked on the map, Mount Berongou, the Congo’s highest point, is located in the upper reaches of the Crystal Mountains on the border with Gabon.

Is Congo East or central Africa?

Democratic Republic of the Congo, country located in central Africa. Officially known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the country has a 25-mile (40-km) coastline on the Atlantic Ocean but is otherwise landlocked.

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Is Congo in northern Africa?

Congo is located in the central-western part of sub-Saharan Africa, along the Equator, lying between latitudes 4°N and 5°S, and longitudes 11° and 19°E. To the south and east of it is the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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