Is Becarefull a Word ? It looks at it it’s be careful ? I always thought becarefull was a word?

Or maybe becareful was a word ?

Answer 1

It is now! ;D

Actually, it is two words: Be careful. They are often put together, so you probably think that it IS together, even though it isn’t. I’m positive it never was a word, but you could make it slang if you wanted to.

It is just like the word :alot. Alot actually isn’t a word, it is two words: a lot. But since people put them together so much, they just figure it is a word like that, when it really isn’t.

Hope this helps!
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Answer 2

be careful 2 words always.

becarefull and becareful are not words in English.

Answer 3

Be careful is two words.

Answer 4

These are two words.
Be careful.

Answer 5

it is supposed to be spaced out

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