Is a gemini/cancer cusp compatible with a scorpio?

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A Gemini/Cancer Cusp Sun Sign means that you’re done with Gemini, and getting full-on into Cancer. The lesson of Gemini (mentation: I THINK) has been learned, the Cusp representing your graduation into the new Sun Sign, in this case, Cancer (the emotional nature:I FEEL).

Since Cancer is a Water Sign, as is Scorpio, (I DESIRE), these two energies will ‘flow’ quite well. And, because Scorpio (the ‘detective’ of the zodiac) is very smart and quite clever, as is Gemini, the ‘Mentation’ of Gemini that you have under your belt, will serve to keep Scorpio interested in that sense.

Cancer’s emotional warmth (think of simmering water, *vbs*), wants romance when it comes to love, and this will ‘thaw’ some of Scorpio’s icy demeanor, which is a defense mechanism against their being so emotionally vulnerable.

Scorpio, on the other hand, will give Cancer more depth to their emotional nature. The hearts and flowers of Cancer, blended with Scorpio’s emotional intensity, can very easily turn to deep and abiding devotion for each other… something each secretly desires… to be able to utterly trust at least one person in this whole wide world.


Now then, having said all that, *lol*, it is imperative to understand that comparing SUN SIGNS is fairly pointless when it comes to RELATIONSHIPS.

BOTH Charts need to be done, then compared to each other thru a method called, ‘SYNASTRY’. Only then! will one truly know if the relationship has any hope of flourishing.

Go to to accomplish all this, (it’s all free).

— FILL IN: BIRTH DATA for both of you (Date, Time, Place).

— GO TO: ‘EXTENDED CHART SELECTION’; Click on the box that says ‘Natal’–> choose ‘SYNASTRY’.

— GO TO: TOP OF PAGE and put in whoever’s name’s you want to compare.

— CLICK ON: ‘SHOW THE CHART’, and a SYNASTRY CHART will be created showing you whose Planets fall in whose Houses, and what Aspects they’re all making to each other.

EDITED TO ADD: Yes, Archer, what you say is ‘true’ to an extent. Alas, the closer one is born to the cusp, the later in the Sign does the Sun usually fall. And what this declares is that the person is moving out of that sign and into the next one. They’re an old-hat, so-to-speak, of the previous Sign because they have gone thru each of the three decans, (in this case: Gemini and Libra, and are now finishing up the third decan of Aquarius), and a Newbie of the New Sign, (Cancer, with first decan of Cancer).

This is why I add to almost all of my posts that Sun Sign Astrology is pointless, and stress the importance of doing a whole Chart, and especially a ‘Synastry’ Chart for relationship comparisons and the interpretation thereof.

Your point is well-taken if the Chart shows a plethora of Planets in Gemini, or Air Signs, as the person will still be very much tied to that modus operendi. However, if there’s a plethora of Planets in Cancer, or Water Signs, the tendency will be to favour the incoming energy of the new Sign the Sun is placed in.

In any case, those born with Sun placements at the very end of, or beginning of a new, Sign, have a bit of a difficult time. They can feel themselves quite schizo, *lol*, at times because they are bouncing between the two energies. The previous Sign they are comfortable with; the new Sign not so much so. But, Progressively-speaking, they eventually get a handle on it as they move thru the decans, experiencing life thru the new Sign’s filter. At least, that’s my experience.

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Gemini Cancer Compatibility

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Is Gemini Compatible With Cancer

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It depends on the exact placements of the rest of your chart as well as the other person’s.

edit: Faire Maiden- The Gemini/Cancer Cusp does not imply the person is definitely a Cancer. The person is either a Gemini or a Cancer with tendencies of the other sign but we wouldn’t know unless the date of birth (including the year since the exact cusp varies by years) was stated.

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Yeah, but scorpios do clash w/geminis. So, if the gemini starts acting untrustworthy then it could get ugly, as long as the cancer part has a strong influence it should be good. lol

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Think I might be better with libra or cusp signs in general, Aquarius pisces seems to be good for me

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puhlease ! I have a son by a Scorpio and we DO NOT get along, Scorpio men are always trying to ‘teach’ you something you already know. it’s annoying and as a Gemini, I like to act silly and immature at times and a Scorpio does not find that to be amusing, they are too serious

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Me and my wife have been happily married for 25 years now. Out of curiosity, we checked that horoscope stuff. We are not at all compatible.

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