Answer 1

70 degrees Fahrenheit is warm, 70 degrees Celsius, however, VERY HOT!!

Answer 2

If we’re talking about 70° farenheit(sorry if I misspelled that), I consider it kind of hot but everyone is different….my mum told me that 72°F is considered perfect, but to me, it would have to be somewhere around 60°F…actually, one time it was like, 49° and I was out in a shortsleeve(this was after a long cold winter)

But mainly, it just depends on the person…I get hot too easily, and my mum gets cold too easily

Answer 3

It depends. If you’re warm natured, than 70 degrees can seem very warm (not hot). If you’re cold natured, than 70 feels cool to warm. But, if you’re referring to degrees Celcius, than 70 C is very hot.

Answer 4

70 degrees Farenheit is quite comfortable. San Diego weather.

70 degrees Celsius would be insanely hot and very uncomfortable. It would be 158 degrees Farenheit.

Answer 5

Kelvin 70 is very cold
Celcius 70 is very hot
Farenheit 70 is average

This is for human temperature. If you are talking about other substances than its different due to melting and freezing points.

Answer 6

Neither, I’d say that’s perfect temperature. If it has to be one of those, it would be warm, 70 is definitely not hot. Its not hot unless its over 90 in my opinion

Answer 7

It’s on the cooler side, but I guess some might consider it warm; definitely NOT hot!

Answer 8

well from where i live, where it snows half the year, then summer.. its pretty warm, and at times it can be hot, seeings were usd to like -20

Answer 9

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thats warm, thats shorts and short sleeves weather there

Answer 10

If depends which unit you are talking about F, K or C.

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