In the korean drama ‘My name is Kim sam soon”?

why does Sam soon call the guy “sam shik?” I don’t think thats his real name in the drama…

Answer 1

In this series, Sam Soon hate her name because it’s old fashioned.

Sam means three, or third
Soon means girl or daughter, commonly used among farmers.

Her name means 3rd daughter of farmer/rice miller.

When Jin Heon asked what’s wrong with the name, Sam Soon retorted what if he’s called Sam Shik all his life (Shik means boy, or son). Jin Heon retorted back something about it doesn’t matter since no one name him like that, so Sam Soon was ᴘιssed and the nickname Sam Shik stuck on him.

I think there’s even a song parody of their names in the series, it was heard when Jin Heon tried to give the Samsook pig away…. a truck was playing that song

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