if someone calls you contemplative and sanalytical, what does that mean?

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A contemplative person thinks things over. He or she doesn’t just rush from one activity to the next, but considers his or her choices, the possible results of different choices, etc. A contemplative person thinks about what something means–not just on the surface, but on different levels.
An analytical person likes to break a problem into pieces to solve it–or divide something into pieces to try to understand it. An analytical person likes to have steps to do. An analytical person is logical, or likes to make decisions by logic, rather than by a hunch or feeling.

Source(s): 8 years of education in psychology

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Definition Of Contemplative

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Actually, people, you need to use a dictionary and not just assume that there was a typo. Sanalytical is a word, learn it; and just to school you some more, it means the same thing as analytical. Just because you think you know, doesn’t mean you do. You are telling someone they are wrong for their question, mainly pointing out that the word doesn’t “exist”. However; all you have done is now made asses of yourself. You know that old adage “To assume makes an *** of you and me.”? Well, it’s wrong, it only makes an *** of you. Please, cross reference yourself in the future, if you think you may be wrong, check another source, make an informed opinion/decision. Sorry to go off on you, but I feel if you are going to answer a question on a site, you should at least know the word you are trying to define instead of telling the person asking the question that it isn’t real. No, really.

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Contemplative and analytical, I think you mean.

You contemplate – i.e. think about things in some depth and you analyse things (or ‘analyze’ them if you’re American) – i.e. you try to unpick events and ideas to get to the bottom of how they work.

So, if it’s in a school report for an academic subject, it’s pretty much a compliment. However, if you were in the military or in a sports team it would probably be less so! In my opinion, we could do with more people with these qualities …

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This Site Might Help You.

if someone calls you contemplative and sanalytical, what does that mean?

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Sanalytical Definition

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To be analytical at a sane degree

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It means they didn’t edit a typo… analytical is most likely the adjective they sought to use.

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It means you got the same fortune cookie as I did. LMAO

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it means you’re thoughtful and reflective, you think about all the possibilities and all their ramifications before choosing a particular course of action

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