If a period is thrown off it’s normal cycle days how long does it take to bounce back?

I’m a 21yo female and have always had very regular 27 day cycles since I was 14. Sometimes ranging for 25 days to 39 days. On 3/31/17 I was prescribed a corticosteroid and an antibacterium for an early cyst on my back. My period then became two weeks late that month. Period cycle this year: 01/12/17, 02/08/17, 03/07/17, and then 04/19/17. It only lasted about 3 days and it was extremely light. I’m wondering if my period this month with go back to its regular cycle of around 30 days or if it will be more like 41 days or somewhere in between. Will my period cycle bounce back to 27 days after a few months?

Answer 1

Stop moaning and get back in the kitchen you tool.

Answer 2

Probably after a few months, yes.

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