I want to get rid of my cat but i feel bad for her?

I have had this cat for five years, she is destructive and throws up daily. Currently my wife is pregnant and we are preparing to move into our dream home. I am worried that this cat will destroy our new home and create unhealthy environment for our baby. As a result we want to give this cat away but feel bad. What should we do?

Answer 1

Never ever give an animal away. People take care of the things they pay for. If they can’t afford to pay then they can’t afford quality pet food or vet care.

Take the animal to the SPCA and tell them what’s wrong. They have trained people who might be able to foster the cat and socialize it. They have medical care and can give it medication so it doesn’t vomit each day. If it does that it needs medical help. As least give the cat a chance at a good home and let the SPCA try to work with it before it’s adopted.

Answer 2

First of all she may be barfing because she has hairballs. That’s easily remedied. Also if she is tearing up things, have her de-clawed (make sure she’s an INDOOR kitty) . I had this problem too. My cat ( who is now deceased after 13 plus years) was a destructive kitty and very protective over me when anyone came over. I worried when I found “Mr. Right” (which turned out to be Mr. Wrong 3 years later LOL) and then when I had my daughter. But “The Spankster” took to my new baby ! He slept in her crib (she slept with me -another LOL) But really what I’m trying to say give the kitty a chance. You’ve had her 5 years… Have a little loyalty. She’ll appreciate it ! U’d be surprised. My home caught on fire ( a newly custom built home ) and “The Spankster” awoke us B4 the smoke alarm by running crazily all over our pillows. Consider “Kitty”

Answer 3

take her to a vet, see why she throws up daily. thats an issue! as for being destructive, its a cat – train it.

– if you do decide to let it go, find a home for it first. don’t let her be all own her own stranded.

goodluck, with whatever decision.*

Answer 4

My cat was mean and nasty.
So I took her to the pound.
They put her picture on their website.
I emailed a link to the picture to my dad.
My dad made me go get her back.
Getting rid of her cost me about $20.
Getting her back cost me about $200.
Good luck. Whatever you do, don’t email a picture of the cat in a cage to your dad.

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