I text my friend and got this messege back, what does it mean?

I text my friend and got a message back that said “you have been blocked from originating messages to (her number)…does this mean she blocked me from texting her? Thats so weird! She was texting me for hours 2 nights ago. You think it’s time to take her off my facebook friends list?

Answer 1

Don’t delete her from facebook. It could just be a misunderstanding and that would make it worse. Ask her in person or if you don’t see her send her a message on facebook asking her to explain

Answer 2

Yes, she block you.. that ꜱᴜcκs. I hate when people blocked or ignored people over stupid crap. Don’t delete her yet, maybe she didn’t mean too. Try and send her an email on facebook if she doesn’t answer then oh well. You dont have take her off your facebook, just keep her and dont talk to her.
Good luck.

Answer 3

Ask her about it first, call her. It could be a mistake. Or, talk to her on Facebook and see whats up? Get the full story first.

Answer 4

that’s amazingly like at the same time as pepl deliver a sparkling message n say they didnt advise 2! she per chance needs 2 commence talkin 2 you?! deliver her a mesage askin if she meant to deliver it and in case you opt for 2 be acquaintances such as her back per chance ask how she is? desire this helped

Answer 5

Just try to figure out why she didn’t receive your text first and go from here

Answer 6

ask her first it might not be her fault or anything if she says something suspicious or is trying to change subjects than you should delete her from facebook

Answer 7

not yet! be flexible finding out what hap pended first

Answer 8

no try again later

Answer 9

yes tou better do this

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