how to make yahoo avatar

how do u get yahoo avatar

Answer 1

If you would like to make an avatar or change it click this link.


1> Click the “appearance” tab to choose your skin color, face and eyes, and hairstyle. Pick your eye and hair colors by clicking on the colored squares to the right of each image.

2> Click the “apparel” tab You can try on full outfits or different tops and bottoms. Mix and match.

3> Click the “extras” tab to try out accessories like sunglasses. sports and hobbies gear such as backpacks, bikes, and snowboards. Adopt a cute pet. Or try different hats.

4> Click the “Backgrounds” tab if you like the snow, the beach, or a nightclub.

Once you’ve customized your avatar, don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom of the Profile page and press “Preview”, and then “OK” in the next screen.

If you need any help click this link…


If you want a photo/custom picture as your avatar you need to make a yahoo 360 account.…

The photo needs to be saved on your computer as a jpg file, don’t worry about the size to much yahoo will adapt it.

1> Click “my page” (top of page).

2> Click “edit personal photo” (on the left above photo window).

3> Click “browse” choose the photo from your photos click “save”, Set as primary and “save”.

4> Go to your “edit my profile” click “use my yahoo 360 picture” scroll down and press “preview”, and then “OK” in the next screen.
And your done.

Some users are experiencing a delay with the 360 avatar showing. it can take some time to show but it will eventually so try to be be patient.

Answer 2

Make A Avatar

Answer 3

I just read an article on that states that yahoo has closed underused products like the avatar.
Name of article below:
Yahoo Does Some Spring Cleaning: Shuts Down Avatars, App Search, Sports IQ, Clues, Updates API And Its BlackBerry App

Answer 4

yahoo avatar:

Answer 5

That means I can’t make one for myself. That ꜱᴜcκs.

Answer 6

yahoo closed it

Answer 7

I guess this will be my avatar forever. >:P BS!

Answer 8

Wow! Thank you! I was wondering the same question the other day

Answer 9

UPDATE: Not possible anymore. World’s gone retarded and tasteless!

Answer 10

Thats stupid if it not avalible anymore!

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