How to buy dip (under-age) without getting id’d?

How can i buy dip without cashiers, gas station workers, etc. asking for my id? I mean like what can i use to fool them? grow beard out, wear a hat, something like that. Thanks!!

Answer 1

Well if you live in the south you should have no problem getting it from friends or somewhere

Answer 2

do some research on your local stores go to a place were people are working that are not from American or Canadian decent so like a store with immigrants that just want to get paid and go home im 15 and dip I buy it off a friend that’s 18 so you could do that also

Answer 3

I dip grizzly straight since i have been 14, Im 18 now.
Walk in there looking and acting like a mature adult. A lot of the 711 type of cashiers, (indian,turkish)
dont care and will sell to you. Or look for an older friend or person to buy it for you

Answer 4

I know this post is kinda old but the person who asked didnt ask if he should do it or not. Everyone has there addiction and for many its dip. Same with cigarettes. At least the kid isnt some pot head off skipping class to get high.

Answer 5

I think amberlamps meant to say is to just put a stick of gum in your mouth and pull the trigger with your jaw and start chewing that instead.

Answer 6

You don’t. It’s stupid, unhealthy, and really not a good idea. I know a guy where a piece of his gums literally fell out of his mouth when he spit. It’s a disgusting habit, and coming from a girl, a real turn-off.

Answer 7

Bob, if you’re going to take up chewing tobacco, I hope you enjoy a life of celibacy! Because no ladies are going to want to come near you ever again (except for really trashy ones). Really, smoking is one thing but chewing tobacco is just disgusting!

But I guess that’s a good example of natural selection. People who are dumb enough to chew tobacco don’t attract mates and thus don’t reproduce. Also, they die early from cancer, etc. So I guess it’s good for humanity as a whole to weed out the losers like that.

Another little tidbit: this is the “Baseball” section, not the “Idiot kids trying to buy stuff that they’re too young to buy” section.

****Fox, you cannot buy any sort of tobacco in the United States at age 16; the legal age is 18. In Canada, I believe the legal age is 19. I can’t speak for any other countries, but I doubt that any place allows 16 year olds to buy tobacco.

Answer 8

Get a legal person to buy it

Answer 9

You can buy dip when your 16, if your buying it before hand, plz stop, its bad for your health. Each time you pack a lip, your consuming the negative effects of an entire pack of cigarettes.

Answer 10

dont waist your time..especially if you are only 16. its tobacco…CANCER causing!!! I know some ppl in the majors who chew all the time, they cannot stop, no matter how hard they want to or how hard they try. addiction is a horrible thing dont get started in it..anyway girls think its your bettter than that

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