How much is a taxi from Larnaca Airport to Kyrenia?

Which airport is closest to Kyrenia?

The nearest airport to Kyrenia is Ercan (ECN) Airport which is 26 km away. Other nearby airports include Larnaca (LCA) (58.1 km) and Paphos (PFO) (102.5 km).

Is it cheap in Northern Cyprus?

Generally Northern Cyprus is cheaper than Southern Cyprus. The Turkish Lira currency benefits tourists and people living in Northern Cyprus as it makes it cheaper than Southern Cyprus. Due to the currency benefits, it is not only cheaper while you are spending on restaurants, beach clubs, car hire etc.

Do I need a visa to visit Northern Cyprus?

Most of the visitors to Northern Cyprus do not need to obtain a visa in advance for short visits.

How much is a taxi from Larnaca Airport to Limassol?

The average price for a standard taxi from Larnaca Airport to Limassol is 53 euros.

Is Northern Cyprus poor?

Poverty rates in Cyprus have also steadily dropped as the economy of the country grows, although poverty in North (Turkish) Cyprus is somewhat higher than South (Greek) Cyprus. In 1960, the average lifetime of people in the country was 69.6 years and has increased to 80.5 years by 2016.

What is the main airport in Cyprus?

Larnaca International Airport
Larnaca International Airport is Cyprus’ main international gateway and the larger of the two commercial airports in the area controlled by the Republic of Cyprus, the other being Paphos International Airport on the island’s southwestern coast.

Can you use euros in northern Cyprus?

All shops and restaurants in North Cyprus accept pounds sterling and euros (notes, not coins). You will get a much better exchange rate for your British Pound or Euro when you arrive in North Cyprus than in the UK.

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Is there Uber in Cyprus?

Uber ride hailing app is not available in Cyprus, but to order a taxi ride in 3 clicks you can use CABCY app. This app was developed by a Cyprus-based company, is super easy to use and ensures two important things: You pay standard government set taxi tariffs, and.

Can you cross from north to south Cyprus?

The Government of the Republic of Cyprus may fine you for illegal entry if you cross into the south, or refuse you entry into or exit from the Republic, or prevent crossing at the boundary with the north.

Is Ercan airport open?

Work on the new runway and terminal at Ercan airport has been completed and the opening date has been set for 29 October, Prime Minister Ersin Tatar has said. T will have build-operate-transfer rights on the airport for 25 years.

Can I hire a car in south Cyprus and drive it to the North?

Border Crossing With a Car If you rent a hire car in the south of Cyprus you are allowed to cross the border into North Cyprus with your car. If on the other hand you rent your car in the North of Cyprus you are not allowed to take it across the border.

How much is a taxi from Larnaca Airport to Kyrenia?

Taxi transfer from Larnaca Airport to Kyrenia (Girne) Taxi from Larnaca Airport to Kyrenia (Girne) takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and cost 90 euro one way journey.

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