How many times does interphase occur before meiosis

Answer 1

3-7 times the interphase occur

Answer 2

Once Explanation: The interphase in a key step in the cell cycle, in fact the cells are in interphase during 90% of their active cycle and only 10% dividing. The cells have the ability to divide, but for this they must duplicate their gene content, copying their DNA completely, so that each daughter cell possesses a complete copy of the hereditary material. The interphase is the period of the cell cycle in which the DNA is copied and other cell structures are also duplicated to proceed to cell division, either in mitosis, or if there is no duplication of DNA is meiosis. The interphase comprises the phases called G1, S and G2, intervals 1 and 2, are control points in which the cell ensures that the previous stage, mitosis (M) in the case of G1 and S in the case of G2, has been carried out correctly. The number of proteins responsible for this is huge, most of them are known as cyclines or CDKs. The S phase is the synthesis phase, when the DNA is copied.

Answer 3

Interphase occurs once before meiosis.

Answer 4

It occurs once before mitosis.

Answer 5

It should be only once that an interphase occur before mitosis. It  is the phase of the cell cycle in which a typical cell spends most of its life. During this phase, the cell copies its DNA in preparation for mitosis. Hope this answers the question. Have a nice day.

Answer 6

It’s the very first step to mitosis

Answer 7

Once, at the beginning Explanation: Brainliest please

Answer 8

I believe it’s once, at the beginning…

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