how many shots of vodka will it take to get me drunk?

its my first time ever drinking and im going to drink UV and vodka. im 5’8 and weigh 140.

Answer 1

A lot depends on how long it takes to drinks the shots. If you drink say 3 shots in a row in about a minute, you’re probably going to seriously buzzed very quickly and enough to register about a .08 blood alcohol level. Here’s a Blood Alcohol Calculator you can experiment with for different drinking scenarios.


Answer 2

Here is the reality about drinking athlough body size plays a large role, genetics plays a far greater role in determining tolerance. I know people who get drunk off 3 .5L of beer, and i know people who have to drink triple that to feel the same buzz so they supplement with things much stronger such as whiskey, vodka, or tequila.

Now never mix your hard liquors because that will get you sick and truly **** you over. Back to your original question how many shots of vodka, its very unpredictable, i assume you want to get drunk based on the tone of your question. id say 3 or 4 shots with a steady flow of beer will get you pretty buzzed but maybe even a little less because its your first time. be careful and dont overdue it. As i said alcohol affects everyone differently.

Just last night i was out 2 shots of cuervo gold and and 2L of beer i was feeling nothing during the night, but other that exhausted i feel no hangover.

Good luck.

Answer 3

youll prolly get ****** up, start with beer first. Vodka is undpredictable, you can drink 5 shots and be fine and have a backlash effect a half hour later that totally ***** you up.

Im 6’5, 200 LBS, and I have been drinking for like 6 years, i usually stick to beer i can drink a case in a night, but vodka i stop around 8 shots ( i wouldnt recomend going past 3-4 at your age) cause of the back lash, and by backlash i mean you can drink vodka faster than you absorb it, so its hard to tell what 1 more shot will do to you.

Answer 4

It depends how big the shots are. It took me 6 to 8 ounces to get me feeling good. A couple more and I was drunk, if I drank a whole mickey I would get sick. If you are trying this for the first time, drink it slow and no more than 6 ounces…then take a break, and see how you feel. If you do drink, drink at home or have a sober friend drive you.

Answer 5

For me it would be a turn off. I feel like if I were to be in a relationship with the girl, I would want to drink more than her. I don’t drink that much so I would think she’s a party animal. By the way, its not that vodka is the problem, its the fact that its alcohol, it could be any alcoholic drink.

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how many shots of vodka will it take to get me drunk?
its my first time ever drinking and im going to drink UV and vodka. im 5’8 and weigh 140.

Answer 7

i would say 2 – 3 shots and you’ll be pretty drunk. BUT do you realise how YUCK vodka is straight? I don’t know what UV is. Mix your vodka 50/50 with somethine sweet

Answer 8

it may not take you many shots to get drunk. my boyfriend almost matches your description and he gets a buzz from 2 shots, so it may only take you five or six shots, and im sure you’ll learn your limit quickly after that.

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I think those girls like vodka. I do like a woman that can hold her liquor. There is nothing worse then a staggering, blabbering drunk.

Answer 10

2 shots of the little 30% UVs will do you good. I’m not a big drinker and snag 2 of them from the local ABC to relax

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