How many moles of Fluorine are in 3.2 moles of Xenon HexaFluoride?

a) 22.4

Answer 1

XeF6 is Xenon hexafluoride….
6 atoms F per 1 molecule XeF6.. right?
6 moles F per 1 mole XeF6

so that…
3.2 moles XeF6 x (6 mole F / 1 mole XeF6) = 19.2 moles F

Answer is “D”

your problem is with “moles”.. If you read this answer of mine and want some help with moles, ask in the “additional info” box.

now.. in case you’re wondering, if you do as Norrie did…

you did this…

(g F / mole) / (g XeF6 / mole) x moles XeF6

= (g F / g XeF6) x moles XeF6
= g F x (moles XeF6 / g XeF6)
= g F x 1 / mw XeF6
= g F / mw XeF6…
not moles F

Answer 2

Well, the answer is D. No need to add up atomic wts, as done in a previous answer. Look at it this way. One mole of XeF6 contains 1 moles of Xe and 6 moles of F. So, 3.2 moles of XeF6 will have 3.2 moles of Xe and 19.2 moles of F. So the answer is D.

Answer 3

I make it ‘e).’ none of the above.

XeF6 mol mass = 131 + (6 x 19) = 131 + 114 = 245g/mol.
Moles of Fluorine (114g/mol / 245g/mol) x 3.2moles.
= 1.5 moles of F.

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