How many miles do Chevy Camaro’s usually last?

i have a ’98 and she’s at 165K miles. yet it’s in great condition and never seriously broken down b/c i have taken great care of it. (LOTS of maintenance). My last mechanic told me the transmission is still in great shape and the only thing wrong is i have a slight oil leak. So how long do Camaros usually last? Thank you =)

Answer 1

shouldn’t have bought a honda mike, shouldn’t have done it.

camaros, like most vehicles, can last as long as you want them too. but chevy camaros will last on the original engines and trannys for well over 200,000 if you keep up the maintenance.
i checked around the web and found that they usually last anywhere from 175,000 all original; to 230,000 all original.
i would bet that yours is gonna last another 60,000 great all original miles.

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Answer 2

My 1976 Camaro (350 w/4 Bbl and 4 speed) went over 160,000 miles and I beat the heck out of it every weekend at NY National Speedway. First as a D/S and then as a D/Modified or Street Modified; it took a lot of abuse, finally throwing in the towel when I bent a shifter fork. I miss my Camaro….

Answer 3

The 6’s in the 98 are great engines. Yes, they do leak oil, but if you maintain the car well, you should be able to hit 200k without a hitch. Some of the minor things you might see are worn wheel bearings, worn suspension bits, and possibly failure of the accessories (i.e., alternator, A/C compressor, power steering pump) just from age/wear, but those aren’t too terrible, and not something to throw out a good Camaro over.

If it were me, and the car were running strong, I wouldn’t hesitate to keep it.

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Answer 4

i have an 89 IROC and my transmission wasnt touched til last summer and that was at 250,00 miles. Now i’m at 275,000 and it still runs great. if you take care of it your camaro will last forever

Answer 5

Yes bc Hondas aren’t durable at all but chevy is..haha bias much?

Answer 6

Forever… I generally don’t even think about getting rid of my Chevy’s until over 300,000 (Unlike my Honda POS)

Answer 7

What engine is in it? a V6 or V8?

Answer 8

4.213 miles?

Answer 9

you are past due…

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