How many dots are on a basketball?

Answer 1

There are 9366 dots to be exact.

Answer 2

here is what you do.

On the pbs show “zoom” the kids actually found it out. they counted all of the dots (whole and partial) on one section of the ball and figured out the total by mutilplying that by the total number of sections.

i also found this odd person who actually figured out your question, and how many basketballs would be needed to get 1,000,000 dots. ENJOY!

By using the dots on a basketball I am trying to determine how many basketballs required to make a 1,000,000 dots. I found there was 14,400 dots per basketball. I divided 1,000,000 by 14,400 to conclude it required 69.4 basketballs to equal 1,000,000 dots. (Justin)

Answer 3

i dnno probably aboy 2,050 dots are on a basket ball

Answer 4

about 9400 dots,,maybe a few less

Answer 5


Source(s): ok, not really…i don’t think anyone has counted…

Answer 6

a lot

Answer 7



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