How long can Kool-aid last in the fridge after it has been made?

I teach three children in a sunday school class. I am trying to think of inexpensive ways to give them snacks every week. So I decided that for beverages, I would just make a pitcher of kool-aid… If there was some left over, we would just save it for next week, since there are only four of us.

Answer 1

a week is fine. but kool aid in my house doesn’t last for even an hour =]

Answer 2

I have a daycare out of my home. Some kids like kool aid, but don’t drink it enough to use it right up so I have had it in my fridge for at least a week even 2 and no complaints after the 2nd week it did taste actually flat.

Answer 3

After a week the flavor starts to go but you could freeze the remaining koolaid into ice cube trays and use them in the next weeks koolaid so regular ice cubes dont water it down. They are great as a dessert too, my kids love koolaid ice cubes!

Answer 4

long enough

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