How fast does moonshine get you drunk?

Is it really true that you can take 1 shot and get drunk? Im talking about an average person who has never drank moonshine before. How much would you have to drink for there to be serious damage?

Answer 1

I’ve only tried it once and the one shot didn’t get me drunk, but I definitely felt it.

Tasted like gasoline….lol

Answer 2

Yes you may not feel drunk at first but when it kicks in you will.I would not suggest you drink more then a couple shots at first.1 shot could do damage if the moonshine is not made right.It all depends on the persons tolerence to alcohol and the moonshine itself.The shine could contain bad stuff like lead and other metals if the equipment used to make it wasnt cleaned properly.I drank it a few times and i will never drink it again you will taste this stuff in your mouth for a week if you drink too much.

Source(s): Experience

Answer 3

most moonshine is almost 100% alcohol. i dont know how people drink it. i smelled it and felt like i was going to die lol. everyone says it goes down smooth. had a party and about 5 people shared a bottle of moonshine. they all got extremely messed up. all blacked out at about the same time. good night lol

Answer 4

depnding on the proof of the shine, your body weight and muscle fat ratio, gender and alcohol tolerance.

all moonshine is is illegally made unaged homemade alcohol. the proof can vary as the materials for making it. sometimes corn sometimes straight sugar

Answer 5

Tablespoon test is to taste every few minutes while run is running.
after a gallon run, You should be good and drunk. If not , start over.

Answer 6

It will get you drunk fast if you don’t drink to much of it.

Answer 7

does not take much at all bc of the alcohol percentage. and depends on how heavy of a drinker you are… and body weight. but it does not take as much as most drinks.

Answer 8

Fast. IKD how fast, but I know there’s enough alchohol you can light it on fire.

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