how do you play halo in school?

so, one of this kid in class showed us how he was playin halo and all, and i was wondering how yuo do it?? how do i play halo in school, do install something? how do i do it step by step?

Answer 1

This is a very vague question.
I imagine you want to know how to install Halo on school computers to play it. A lot of school computers are locked by an administrator to stop students installing games on the computers. You can try installing it to a USB device and running it that way.

Answer 2

They’re not actually playing Halo. It’s an internet game called Phosphor, and you can play with other people online (you won’t know them though). It requires Adobe 10, which I just installed on my computer in computer’s class. First, you just type in Phosphor. Next, you click the one with the adress “Rasterworks”, the one that says Beta 2. Next, it’ll ask you to install Adobe. Do this, it takes about 5 seconds. Then play!!! Good luck.

Answer 3

I don’t really know the answer to that but i know my dad would be someone you could ask. Besides, you shouldn’t be playing halo in class anyways. My brother and father are like TOTALLY addicted to it but soon the just stopped and did other things like for example, (i often used my dad and brother for this, huh?) my dad started focusing on his veterinary studies and my brother, well, he pretty much does nothing but eats, sleeps and complains about his homework. Anyways, the point is, you shouldn’t be wasting time on a stupid video game during class, instead, you should be paying attention and get good grades and get an education and go to collage etc. etc. etc.! And I have other info for ya’. Tell that guy that said he can play halo in class to get a life! That’s right! Tell him to get a life! Go outside and enjoy the sunshine and the birds singing or whatever! But whatever he does irresponsible, you don’t do it. be yourself. don’t be like other video gaming geeks!

The End
Hope the info helped!!!

Source(s): Dad and terribly annoying brother. (I’ve actually tried the game myself and it did not turn out as easy/fun as I expected!)

Answer 4

download / install halo and put it on your USB, then go to school and play it there. My friends and I used to play this old school game called Quake during class. Someone put it on their USB and put it in a folder on the computer where everyone can access.. thats how we played together.

Source(s): myself

Answer 5…
go to this link and you wil be able to download a free trial of halo to your computer….and since school computers are connected to a network…you can play with your friends on multiplayer if they are on the school computers as well

Answer 6

Search halo.exe in Google click on the first link

Answer 7

I’m sorry I don’t know about this

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