How do you delete Yahoo! Answers accounts?

Answer 1

Closing your Account.
By closing your account, you will loose every thing. (see link)…

Answer 2

Delete Yahoo Answers Account

Answer 3

You cannot only delete your Yahoo! Answers account, unless you delete your entire account with it. If you want to get rid of your Yahoo! Answers account, privatize your questions and answers and network, disallow fans, remove contacts, and make the gray smiley face your avatar picture. After a few months of inactivity, Yahoo! will suspend your Yahoo! Answers account.

Source(s): Or, to make it quicker, keep that picture up. It’ll get you suspended in NO time at all.

Answer 4

You cannot delete only Yahoo Answers account.
Your yahoo account comes as a package and you can only delete the whole package that includes the following:

– Yahoo answers. Your questions and answers will remain.
They are Yahoo property.
Your answers too.
But your Profile or account cannot be seen.
– Flickr.
– Yahoo Mail.
– My Yahoo.
– Any other yahoo program that needs your Yahoo ID and password.
– Yahoo! Profiles

To delete your yahoo account click this link.

Note:- Once a yahoo! account is deleted it and its contents cannot be recovered.
So you should just let account go idle. Yahoo Answers account, that is.

1.Make your account private to begin with.
2.Remove all fans and contacts
3Then, change Your avatar to a grey face.
4. Change user name. Or keep it blank. Like __ or XX.
5. Do not answer
6.Or even ask any questions

After a while this account will cease to exist if you do not log into answers at all.

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