how do I get a elumater for the wii?

please tell me please!!!!

Answer 1

To hack the wii you need to get your wii chipped to play your so called”back upd games” this should also allow you to emulate it because it allows you to play dvds

Answer 2

The Wii emulator is an often-searched for, elusive creature. As far as I can tell, it has not been reproducibly achieved. There is some hope, however, since the Wii is allegedly just a beefed-up GameCube.

A lot of people have claimed to have figured out how to emulate a Wii, but most of these have been debunked as hoaxes. A quick search on YouTube will take you to many supposed demos.

For more authoritative information, I would start here:

Answer 3

if you’re thinking of buying a wii you should out this site first. they give you a nintendo wii for FREE! all you need to do is complete a few quick tasks for them.

Answer 4

dont be a retard… any game you play is more fun with a wii mote and nunchcuck… dude its not as fun on the keybourd+mouse i say get a wii with a cyclowitz mod chip
175$ on ebay for mine

Answer 5

go to

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