How do I determine how far is 100 yards?

I need this answer to set my pedometer.

Answer 1

100 yards = 3600 inches
if your stride (measure from your heal to the toe of your first step) = 24 inches… then divide 3600 by your stride. So.. it would be 150 steps. i hope this helps

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Do you live in the United States? If so go to a local public school when the football field is not in use. The distance between the goal lines will be 100 yards. But you may get a more accurate calibration of your pedometer over a longer course. Some sports fields have a track around the field that is exactly 400 meters or on an old track 1/4 mile on the innermost lane. 1/4 mile is 440 yards. 400 meters is about 402.3 yards.

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How Far Is 100 Yards

Answer 4

well 1 yard= 3 feet. If you have one of those yard sticks it might take long but it will be the most effective way to do it. If you can, then i would go to a football field, maybe a college or nfl one to see the size. Other than that im not too sure.

Answer 5

OK, 3 feet equals one yard so 100×3= 300 feet. Thats how far 100 yards is.

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Answer 7

100 yards in 300 feet. So thats approximately 250 to 350 steps depending on how big your walks are =]

Answer 8

If there is a running track near you (at a high school or college), 100 yds is probably marked out.
Otherwise a 100′ measuring tape 3x.
Or a yd stick 100.

Answer 9

Get a tape measure or yard stick, and measure a straight distance of 10 yards (or 30 feet). Now, walk that distance, and count your steps to do it. Walk as you normally would, when walking for exercise. Here are four things things you can compute:

(1) Multiply your number of steps by 10. That is the number of steps you need to go 100 yeards.

(2) Calculate (30) / (your number of steps). That is the average length of your stride, in feet.

(3) Calculate (10) / (your number of steps. that is the average length of your stride, in yards.

(4) Multiply your number of steps by 176. That is the number of steps you need to walk a mile.

Answer 10

100 yards is 300 feet. The length of a foot ball field.

Answer 11

hey hi,
actually 3 ft counts 1 yard…and u can anyways convert it to anyone u like it as shown below..:
1yard=3 feet
1 feet = 30.58 cms=.03058 metre
1 metre = 100 cms
1 sq yard=9 sq feet

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