How do I delete memories in my scrapbook on the sims 3?

I just got a pop up message on my game telling me my memories were full, I have never seen that before. Then it told me I needed to delete memories from my scrapbook but I looked everywhere for a scrapbook and I can’t find it! Can someone help me?

Answer 1

Simology tab (I think) bottom left corner it’s the diamond/plumbob in a book click it click on the memories you wanna delete and click the little trash can

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Answer 2

I have the same question. I found the sims 3 scrapbook, but I see no trashcan icon or any other way to delete any of the memories. Help!

Answer 3

I easily got for free The Sims 4here:

The Sims 4 is a new life-simulating title developed by Maxis and published by EA. It follows the usual gameplay of the series, enhancing the social factor and including a new emotions system. This new release is designed to be playable in average computers, so it won?t require powerful hardware to play the game properly.
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Answer 4

bottom left corner.

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