How do I contact the Ontario Minister of health?

Who is the Minister of health and Long-Term Care in Ontario?

Merrilee Fullerton
Merrilee Fullerton has been the Minister of Long-Term Care since June 20, 2019.

Who is the Minister of Health and Family Welfare?

Bharati Pawar (Minister of State)
Mansukh L. Mandaviya (Minister)Faggan Singh Kulaste (Minister of State)
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India/Officeholders

How much is Ontario Health card?

It is free. There is no cost to renew your Ontario health card.

What ministry is responsible for OHIP?

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Who is responsible for health care in Ontario?

Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. The Ministry of Health is the Government of Ontario ministry responsible for administering the health care system and providing services to the province of Ontario.

When was the Ministry of Health established in Ontario?

In 1930, the department accept from the Department of the Provincial Secretary the responsibilities for administering Ontario’s psychiatric hospitals and inspecting the province’s public and private hospitals.

How long is Ontario health card valid?

The first time you apply for a photo health card, the expiry date can be anywhere from two to seven years in the future. When your photo health card is renewed, the renewal date will always be five years in the future and linked to your date of birth.

Who are the ministers in the Ontario government?

Fedeli, Hon. Victor Chair of Cabinet Ford, Hon. Doug Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs Ford, Hon. Doug Premier Fullerton, Hon. Merrilee Minister of Long-Term Care Hardeman, Hon. Ernie Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Jones, Hon. Sylvia Solicitor General

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Who is the Minister of Health in Canada?

Minister of Health. Ministerial mandate letter (December 13, 2019) Supplementary Mandate Letter (January 15, 2021) The Honourable Patty Hajdu was first elected as the Member of Parliament for Thunder Bay—Superior North in 2015. Minister Hajdu is a strong advocate for women’s rights, youth employment, and affordable housing.

What is the difference between Ontario health and the Ministry of Health?

In 1924, the Provincial Board of Health was replaced by the Department of Health. In 1999, the Ministry of Health was renamed the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. On June 20, 2019, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care was split into the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Long-Term Care.

What is Health Minister name?


Designation Name Sh/Mrs./Ms. Office Phone
Union Minister Shri Mansukh Mandaviya 23063513, 23061661
PS to Minister Shri Vaibhav Bajaj 23063513, 23061661

How do I contact the Ontario Minister of health?

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