How do I change the skin of my gaia avatar?


Answer 1

when u log in 2 gaia PUT ur cursor (not click) on “Shop” (on the bottom left of ur avatar) then there should be other options below the shop button (1st 4)

Monthly Collectibles

Cash Shop La Victoire

Get Gaia Cash


the 4th option, “Shops”, is where u wanna go. but dont click on it. again, PUT ur cursor on the option “Shops” beneath “Shops” (lol) and then another menu should open open up. then the 4th option from the last is where u can change ur gaia’s avatar’s skin color.
(last 4 below)

Skin Tyte

The Faktori

Barton Flowershoppe

Prize & Joy

the one u click on is Skin Tyte. then on the 1st page of the shop there should be some avatar skin colors.
and just buy! ur welcome.

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Answer 2

тσ gєт ¢αятσσи ¢няα¢тєя αѕ уσυя αναтαя

If you would like to make an yahoo cartoon avatar or change it click this link.
Then to customize how you look, what outfit to wear.and background + more.
1► Click the “appearance” tab to choose your ѕкιи ¢σℓσя, fα¢є αи∂ єуєѕ, αи∂ нαιяѕтуℓє. Pick your eye and hair colors by clicking on the colored squares to the right of each image.
2► Click the “apparel” tab You can try on full συтfιтѕ σя ∂ιffєяєит тσρѕ αи∂ вσттσмѕ. Mix and match.
3► Click the “extras” tab to try out accessories like ѕυиgℓαѕѕєѕ. ѕρσятѕ αи∂ нσввιєѕ gєαя ѕυ¢н αѕ вα¢кρα¢кѕ, вιкєѕ, αи∂ ѕиσωвσαя∂ѕ. α∂σρт α ¢υтє ρєт. σя тяу ∂ιffєяєит нαтѕ.
4► Click the “Backgrounds” tab if you like the ѕиσω, тнє вєα¢н, σя α иιgнт¢ℓυв.
Once you’ve customized your avatar, don’t forget to go to your “edit my profile” click “use my yahoo Avatar” scroll down and press “preview”, and then “OK” in the next screen. . And your done.
If you need any help click the following links below:
тσ gєт ρнσтσ/¢υѕтσм ρι¢тυяє αѕ уσυя αναтαя (νια уαнσσ! ρяσfιℓєѕ)

1► Click this link:-
2► Click the Change Photo link just to the right of the image
The Select Photo window opens. Initially, your only choices will be the gray square and your avatar, if you have one
3► Click the Add Photo link.
4► Click the Browse button and navigate through your computer’s file system until you find an image you want to upload.
5► Once you’ve chosen a photo file, click the Upload button to add it to the photos available for your profile.
A preview of the uploaded photo appears, including a dotted square outlining the currently selected portion of the image
6► Manipulate the selection square to enclose the part of the image you want to use.
7► When you’ve got the part of the image you want to use within the selection square, click the Crop button.
The newly added photo appears in your photo carousel.
8► Repeat steps 2 through 6 to add a whole gallery of photos to your carousel.
9► Go to your “edit my profile” click “use my yahoo profiles image” scroll down and press “preview”, and then “OK” in the next screen.
And you’re done.
If you need any help click this link:

Answer 3

Go to the shop Skin Tyte, they have body dyes that you can buy without having to delete your current avatar and recreate it. The mouth you can change in the expressions. As for eye color you would need to recreate the avatar. I hope this helps. :]

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