How do I change the name on Neopets?

i’m playing neopets and i made a name for my animal but i want change it. how do i do that?? please help

Answer 1

There’s no way to, unfortunately. If you haven’t put too much into your pet, though, and if it’s not a limited pet, you can make a new one with the name you want. Then if it works you can put your first one up for adoption

Answer 2

Will you ever be able to change your Neopet’s name after it has already been born?
No, I am afraid names are final so you must choose your pet’s name wisely.
You might be able to change your Neopet name with Cheat Engine(
I could show you if you email me ([email protected])

Answer 3

I don’t think you can sorry! I have a dorky name and I’m pretty gutted.. only thing you can do is adopt a new one really
Whats your username btw

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