how did tammy tyrrell die?

Answer 1

For those of you who don’t know who Tammi Terrell (Correct Spelling) is, She sang with Marvin Gɑץe on many of his hits (Nothing like the real thing, You’re all I need to get by, Your Precious Love, to name a few).

She had a brain tumor. While touring, She collapsed in Marvin’s arms in the middle of a song. She was rushed to the hospital and died shortly after. Marvin stopped touring for a while because he was so hurt that she died. She was in her 24 at the time she died.

Answer 2

Tammi Terrell died on March 16, 1970 at the age of 24 she never recovered from a brain tumour which occurred in 1967. .

Source(s): Wikipedia.

Answer 3

I think she had a brain hemmorage. Sad loss of an amazing singer.

Answer 4

She sang with Marvin Gɑץe. She was really young when she died. It was brain cancer, or a aneurysm.

Answer 5

diagnosis was a brain tumor.

Answer 6

havn’t heard of such a person so i wouldn’t like to speculate.

Answer 7

Her heart stopped

Answer 8

what? who’s that?

Answer 9

Um, who is she?

Answer 10

she stopped breathing

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