How did Anthony Head get his scar?

He played Rupert Giles on Buffy, and Uther Pendragon on Merlin. I’m wondering how he got his scar in REAL life

Answer 1

If I’m not mistaken, he was filming and it was his idea to turn and look back at the person chasing him and he fell and … well… scar. He admits that wasn’t his brightest moment.

Source(s): Buffy Watcher’s Guide Vol. 1

Answer 2

Anthony Head Scar

Answer 3

Uther’s forehead scar is made by applying makeup to a natural crease in Anthony Head’s forehead-the crease is prominent in most of his Buffy photos

Source(s):… (just scroll down)

Answer 4

Anthony Head says he got the crease on his forehead from the stress of being away from his family for eight years working on Buffy. He also says a lot of politicians get this crease after holding office. He says it’s a meridian line in acupuncture.…

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