How can I stop ԍᴀɴԍʙᴀɴԍing?

I dont want anyone to put stupid comments.

Answer 1

The only way to really get out is to move away. As long as you’re there, you’re going to have to do what they tell you. You could just refuse, but, you’d have to live watching your back 24/7. I was involved in some pretty bad crap myself awhile back and I moved away. I had no more contact with my former ‘friends’ and have a great life now. IT’s not easy, but unless you break away from ALL your old ties, 100%, it’s going to be very difficult for you to stop. I’m pulling for you guy.

Answer 2

Haha, its hard I know… I’m through wit it but I still haven’t been able to really break the habit of stackin signs whenever I get bored…

I don’t know how deep you really in it… I don’t live in too big of a city so all we have here is small cliques so its somewhat easy to get out if you really want it for yourself. I wanted to change bad enough… Once I get motivated to do something I’m going to do it knowing that it won’t be easy and I may say I quit and put down my pencil a few times but I always pick it back up or make up for not picking it back up you know what I’m sayin? I don’t know what to tell you really but you just have to want it more than anything right now and you can do it… Its different if you aren’t allowed out, and if you are allowed out but the ‘streets’ keep calling you. Keep ya head up man you’ll get through it.

Answer 3

Oh bro! I really have no idea what it feels like being in a gang or sth…..but maybe u should reject…tho Im afraid they may get after you….

I know what u mean after all but maybe someone who has at least a lil experience with this should help u! T.T”

Love you!
*hugs u tightly*

PS:sorry for being useless =.=”

Answer 4

You got to move far away from there. You need to better yourself by getting away man.

Ask your girlfriend to move with you, but make sure you leave. Because they will never let you out.

Answer 5

easy. you just stop. think of the consequences that you will receive once you start getting arrested and such. i had few friends who were in gangs and they all turned away from that life. start making new friends. it will help change your mindset about things.

Answer 6

why would you join a gang if your friend got shot by GANG shooting, hello ! common since.

But sorry i dont know how to help ou

Answer 7

They’ll probably kick your ***, shoot you, or stab you, then you can get out.

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