HELPP!!! Unable to shade polygon normals?

when i try to play garrys mod its says nable to shade polygon normals . i just got garrys mod and it was a freaking waste of $10 [email protected]@@ i just want to play!!!!!

Answer 1

Gary Newman (who made the game) is aware of the issue and solving problems on a case-by-case business. Go over to the Steam forums and post a full log of the error and he should get back to you within a couple of days.

Answer 2

Garry Newman placed this error into the game and set it so that only people who pirated the game would get the error. [1] He posted this message on his Twitter today:

“Just enabled this error in GMod today. It happens when you pirated it. Having fun watching people complain. ” [2]

A person who had the error posted about it on the official forums, and was immediately banned, presumably as it proves they were pirating the game. [3]

It’s always possible you’re getting this error by mistake. If you actually did buy the game and you’re not lying about wasting $10, try contacting Garry Newman via Twitter or email, and good luck! If you pirated the game, too bad. You should go and buy it.

(Edit: fixed punctuation and sources)

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Answer 3

Waste of $10? You didn’t spend them, because this error only appears to users who pirated the game.

Answer 4

It means you pirated the game. Post a link to your steam page to prove that you bought the game.

Answer 5

You lied about paying for it,
anyways, nice try kiddo. This teaches you a lesson to buy the game legally..

Answer 6

Clearly you didn’t spend $10 on the game otherwise you wouldn’t get this message. Maybe do your research next time

Answer 7

How about actually buying the game lousy thief?

Answer 8

Yeah you were just caught pirating GMod.!5791493/this-might-be-the-best…

Answer 9

Yar har fiddle dee dee

Answer 10

How about you actually buy the game instead of pirating it?

Answer 11

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