For each of the given situations, indicate whether S or O2 is the limiting reactant.?

1. 3 mol sulfur or 3 mol oxygen

Answer 1

1. Neither; they are both being used up at the same rate

2. 3 mol of S

3. 3 mol of S

The limiting reactant is the reactant which is “used up” the quickest

Answer 2

Both of you are wrong. 2S+3O2→2SO3.. so the ratio is 2:3, therefore 1 would be Oxygen as the limiting reactant, 2 would also be Oxygen as the limiting reactant as it falls short, and 3 would be Sulfur as the limiting reactant.

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Answer 3

Not knowing the chemical reaction, i assume its the straight oxidation of Sulphur, and as such is S + O2 —> SO2

1) Neither, since the stoichiomtery is 1:1

2) S

3) S

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