For each of the following strong base solutions, determine [OH-],[H3O+],pH, and pOH?

Find [OH-], [H3O+], pH, and pOH : 8.89×10−3 M LiOH

Answer 1

[OH-]= 8.89 x 10^-3 M
pOH = – log 8.89 x 10^-3 =2.05

[H3O+]= Kw/[OH-]= 1.0 x 10^-14 / 8.89 x 10^-3 =1.12 x 10^-12 M
pH = 11.95

Answer 2

ok so which you do have concentration given now all you ought to do is in simple terms put in formulation and you gets your answer. formulation for looking pH=-Log[H30+] pOH=-log[OH] [H3O+] = antilog (- pH) [OH-] = antilog ( – pOH) so with given concentration first calculate pH and pOH then use the formulation above to locate hydronium ion concentration [H3O+] and hydroxide ion [OH-] concentration

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