Failing too many classes and I don’t know what to do (10th grade)?

I have one week and a half left of 10th grade and I still have very low F’s in 4 of my classes (Chem, Geometry, World History, and English). I will be going to summer school but I don’t know which classes to take because in 9th grade 2nd semester I failed Biology and I still haven’t made that up. In 10th grade 1st semester I have failed Geometry and Chemistry. I’m really stressed out and depressed, I don’t know what to do and I’m too embarrassed to confront my counselors about this. There are options such as online classes here but it’s only for classes I haven’t taken, not for classes I need to make up. I can only make up 2 semester class periods in summer school which only allows me to work on one semester of one class and one semester of another or two semesters of just one class. What do I do????? I need a detailed answer, not just one sentence saying “talk to your counselor”. Thank you

Answer 2

Accept that you now have very little hope of completing high school in four years, and if you don’t get to the root of your academic problems, you won’t be graduating at all. Ouch. At this point, it doesn’t matter what class or classes you take over the summer. the goal needs to be to take something and matter the subject matter and get a good grade.
You really should speak to your counselors, but rest assured, they already know and will be contacting your parents. Again, the bigger issue is that something is very wrong. Either you have learning challenges that need to be addressed or psychologiical problems that need profession care unless you’ve just been goofing off for some reason. If you have a low F in a class, retaking it without understand more about how to do well, isn’t going to result in a better grade. Get help.

Answer 1

Take the simmer off? Why are you failing ? I won’t tell you to repeat 10th grade; you have to do something different. Do you do home work ? You write well and appear above-average to me ( I taught Math and Physics) Ask your teachers what they think your problem(s) are Do he 10th over with just the subjects you failed.. I started college in the fall 1950 and received my degree in the Spring 1961 . That’s not a typo. In Math, I worked every problem in the book.

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