Does really work?

I want to be an actress.

Answer 1


Here are THE ONLY LEGIT online sites that you can get work from:
-NYCASTINGS.COM (they have a weekly newspaper that you can get at stores that lists castings)

Proceed with Caution:


Answer 2

If it’s anything like, then it’s your own risk. If you want to go ahead and pay for something that may or may not help you out, go for it. Obviously it has benefited for some people – but it’s just risky, because you aren’t guaranteed a job, so you’re paying money as a risk. If you are really desperate because acting is your passion, it’s worth a shot. But if you don’t know of any acting agencies to audition for, or if you haven’t had enoguh acting experience, and especially if you just want acting for the fame and money – don’t try it, not worth it. Try to get yourself an agent if you’re really serious.

Answer 3

You should be smart enough to know that it doesn’t work
they made me loose 250 dollars
please don’t waste your time and money on that crap

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