do you believe you are too honest to steal?

yes or no?

Answer 1


I am too well off to steal. I don’t need to do it.

But I have been stolen from. And I understood and forgave. It was a situation where the person was almost out of options, and the theft (money) meant a lot more to that person than it did to me.

I am not saying it was right for that person or any person to steal. But in some situations it can be understood and forgiven.

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Answer 3

Actually… I’m too dumb to steal (or lie). Every time as a kid I tried to cover up some little discretion, I was caught – I could never remember the trail of lies. So I haven’t even bothered since, I know I’d just get caught again.

Once I took my toddler to a department store and got him some shoes along with some other items. He was acting up a bit as we got to the cash, and I had forgotten the new shoes were on his feet until I took him out of the cart in the parking lot. I was embarassed… but I was soooo tired I just couldn’t go back to the store – figured I’d go back the next day.

Well, the next day I conveniently forgot… but at some point in the day I noticed he’d lost one of the new shoes. We had to go back to the original store and buy him another pair anyway.

It’s a lesson in Karma… I told him the story many times as he grew up and I think he learned from it too, as I’ve rarely met a more honest boy.

Answer 4

Why should I steal?

I don’t steal because of a belief or because I’m too honest.

I don’t steal because there is no need to steal.

If I was starving and desparately needed food I would definitely steal food if that was the only way to get it. Survival is the first rule of any morality because if you don’t survive you cannot be moral.

Answer 5

I know I am, because I have had ample opportunities where I _know_ I would not be caught. For instance, my boss has me keep track of my own hours. It would be trivially easy for me to fudge the numbers to give myself a few extra hours each pay period, but I never have and wouldn’t dream of doing so.

For me, I see little difference between stealing and slavery. Consider that with slavery, one person is taking the fruits of another’s labor without compensation. That’s just what stealing is. For this reason I tend to hold property rights (including another person’s labor, or fruits of their labor) as sacred. To violate their property rights through theft is, for me, every bit as serious as violating their civil rights.

Answer 6

Yes,I literally gave someone a penny that she left on the lunch table today at work,lol. I’m too honest for my own good,sick,huh?

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Answer 8

In situations where I could steal (e.g., the clerk at the store undercharged me, I accidentally walk out of a store without paying for something), I ask myself “Is your soul worth the cost of this item?”

So far nothing has been. If I find out how much my soul costs, I’ll let you know.

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no because we all steal something,not so much things in stores,but we steal time, as in waste time.

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