Do people consider 18-19 year olds who get pregnant, teen moms?

To me a teen mom is someone who is 13-17 years old , since you are an adult at 18 years old , yeah 18 and 19 are spelled with teen lol but they are not considered teenagers. What do you think

Answer 1

I just consider her a mom. You could all a woman having a child 40-50 as an old mom but people do not disrespect them as the do women in their teens.

Answer 2

People consider anyone in their teen years (thirteen to ninteen) a teenager.

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Answer 4

Yes 18-19 year olds are still teenagers. You are a teenager until your 20th birthday.
18-19 year olds are hardly adults, and most are way too young to raise a child.
Legal ages society came up with, really are pointless, sure 18-19 year olds age LEGALLY adults. But in reality most are mentally, emotionally and all around still kids/teens. Just kids with adult privileges.

Answer 5

If she is 19 and pregnant, depends on if she gives birth before she turns 20

Answer 6

If the age has the word “TEEN” in it then it’s a TEEN MOM.

Answer 7

Most people think of teens as teenagers which includes up to 19 years old. Whether you like it or not.

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