Do dogs masterbate? If not, my Rott sure likes his lipstick clean!?

I can’t get him to stop! And he does it at the worst times! It seams like he wants to put on a show everytime someone is near by!

Answer 1

lol…thts so cute!!

Answer 2

Animals мᴀsтuʀʙᴀтҽ, just like humans do. It’s normal, even for neutered animals. Humans get ‘neutered’ all the time (due to testicular cancer, ovarian problems, et cetera) and a lot of those people still мᴀsтuʀʙᴀтҽ. He might also be simply grooming himself, or he might have an itch. It’s really not that big a deal. Animals lick themselves. It’s just what they do.

Answer 3

Dogs are very clean animals and he is just grooming himself. If the time is inappropriate, correct him by saying No and then distract him with a toy.

Answer 4

Take your dog to the vet to make sure he doesn’t have a bladder/urinarty tract infection. Excessive licking in that area is a sign the dog may have an infection.

Answer 5

Depends of how long he is licking I guess. My puppy licks just to clean the urine left there from ᴘᴇᴇing.

Answer 6

oh get him neutered of whatever the word is i have no idea
thats what my friends dog did alot but i think you can only get it done for a dog when they are at a certain age

Answer 7

Yes they do,
Neutering him would be the best idea.

Good to stop the wolrd from having a million strays,
and he could get cancer if you plan not to breed him.

Answer 8

I dont think that dogs mastrubate. Beside i dunt think they even know what it MEANS LMFAO! well if he wants to put a showtime, it probably means ur dog is fun and active i guess?? lmfao

Answer 9

ya dat is funny, but dogs don’t do dat, i’ve got 4 boys and they all do da same thing

Answer 10

my puppy tries to hump pillows, he’s to big to make contact though.

Answer 11

get him a girl dog bet he would be happy

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