A letter was sent to me from Albany stating that I may have some unclaimed funds (money) that maybe mines. When I filled out the claim, I saw that in the information box, it stated “Property Type: Credit balances arising from loans” … what does this mean … ?? HELPP …

Answer 1

It makes no difference. This is a company that wants to charge you to look to see if there are any unclaimed funds in the hands of the state that might belong to you. There probably isn’t but you can check directly with the state and do not need to pay a third party.

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Answer 2

If the letter in fact came from Albany, it should be from the New York Office of the Comptroller, Office of Unclaimed funds. That is a legitimate state agency that returns money (property) to those for whom it is due. You can also check online from the official website for the Comptroller s Office. Yes, you will get a check from the state but you do have to complete the form. I have done so and I received a check in about two weeks.

Answer 3

It sounds like you had a loan or a credit card and you paid more than was due on it. So, the lender owes you that “credit balance”.

Answer 4

hi I wood like to no if and fact that this is lagit if I sumit my information wood I recive any money back

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